• 300 m Mine Drilling, META MINING IND. ENERGY TRADE LTD. CO., 2003
  • Drillings for Calculating Reserv Capacity, GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF TURKISH COAL ENTERPRISES, 2005
  • Core Drillings of Muğla-Yatağan Feldispar Pit, POLAT MINING IND. AND. TRADE LTD. CO., 2008
  • Core Drillings in Milas Region, MATEL ROW MATERIAL IND. AND TRADE CO., 2008
  • Deep Core Drilling In Koyunağılı Coal Area (3000 m), ADULARYA ENERGY ELECTRIC CONS. AND MINING CO., 2009
  • Core Drillings for Muğla, Aydın, Uşak Coal Areas, ANADOLU MINING CO., 2011
  • Drillings of Coal Areas In Çanakkale Çan, ER MINING, 2012
  • Mine Drillings for Feldispar in Milas, MATEL IND. and TRADE CO., 2013
  • Coal Drilling in Balya Bengiler Village, KAVYAK ENERGY CONS. MINING. IND. TRADE CO., 2013
  • Coal Drillings in Madenköy, DEBATEKS IND. and TRADE LTD. CO., 2013
  • Coal Drillings in Uşak Coal Areas, ANADOLU MINING, 2013
  • Mine Drillings in Feldispar Areas in Söke, POLAT MINING CO., 2013
  • Drillings of Coal Areas in Tavas Avdan, AVDAN MIN. ENG. IND. and TRADE CO., 2014
  • Drillings of Coal Areas in Bayır, AVDAN MIN. ENG. IND. and TRADE CO., 2014
  • Feldspar and Quartzite Drillings in Çine, Yatagan, Söke, POLAT MINING IND. AND TRADE CO., 2017
  • Mine Drillings of Bigadiç Boron Area, JEO ZEMİN, 2018

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